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need help with radiator problems

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hey fellas new to site, just wonderin about a radiator for my b16a1. to say my car was frankensteined would be an understatement, had a sohc b4 i bought it and recently dropped in a b16a1, it has a large radiator but is leaking from lower hose wanted to change it, whats the best rad to get and im not tryin to break the bank either thanks alot
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It all depends what you want and what the budget looks like. Is there clearance issues with the radiator that's in there now? If not, why not just replace the hose that's leaking?

If you are determined to replace it and want to run a half rad like a lot of the turbo guys do, I'd suggest the Neon half rad or the late 70s Civic half rad. If you got the room, the Fluidine unit is nice also.
factory one is fine. Infact if you need one i bought an oem style koyo last year that I used for about 6months. PM if interested.
well the one in there now doesnt seem to fit right and its kinda crimping the lower hose causing it to leak. and i dont know if thats the stock rad or if its off the sohc swap the previous owner did,whats the best cost efficient direction should i go with the full rad or half rad? and do i use the vehicle or motor as a reference(90 rex or b16)?thanks 4 info i appreciate it!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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