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Hello, I just got a '86 CRX. Yeah, but I've got an issue where after a while the car starts jerking and doesn't accelerate properly. When I try to accelerate, it backfires. We checked for vacuum leaks, the crankshaft sensor, and the wiring, but nothing has fixed it so far. I think it might be the computer, but I'm not sure.
see the problem here.
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Timing can cause it to backfire and accelerate poorly. Have you tried to check timing? With 0db0, you have to first disable the timing advance circuit. Now sure how timing is controlled on an 86.
If timing is good.
Test vacuum advance units. Both lines.
Make sure they hold vacuum.
Make sure that IF BOTH HOLD VACUUM
Take a look inside the distributor and make sure the pick up coils slide smoothly as you pull vacuum.

you have the Black Box on the firewall
With vacuum lines going into it, you need to test all parts using vacuum specially MAP sensor if equipped.

it sounds like bad timing, bad map sensor bad ignition coil(test both primary and secondary windings) specially if the coil itself has cracks on it or burnt spots any where.
Even fuel delivery could be the culprit, so test fuel pressure regulator if other parts test good.
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