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Need quick help about window!

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I need to know if a Civic driver's side window will fit the CRX.

I know the whole deal about the door-mount/pillar-mount stuff...But will a door-mount Civic glass fit my door-mount CRX?
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I don't see how it could, the CRX roofline slopes down towards the back while the Civy is more level. That directly translates to a window that does the same. Sorry
Good call. I didn't even think about that slope.

Oh well, that was my newb question of the day. :lol:
Hey, that was my first chance to actualy put my CRX knowledge to good use and assist someone in the Community. :) Thanks Chet!
Doors are different sizes as is glass. Very very few body parts will change over. A hatch hood and thats about it.
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