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A friend of mine got (for free) an 87 Mirage Turbo (no laughing!). She is going to use it for an autoX car, it's kind of beat up but the engine is perfect, and it was free! The biggest problem is that the rear shock mounts have rusted literally off, so there are no shocks right now.
We're designing a new mounting system for them, instead of springs on the axle and more outboard shocks we're TIGing in some new mounting points that will use the spring around the shock style like our CRXs have. Since we're doing this we can choose what kind of rear suspension to use, and I suggested the Civic/CRX since parts are so cheap (and we all know it could use a little Honda in it!).
The OEM rear shocks have a sleeve at the bottom, and they mount with a through bolt, unlike my 89-91 style with the fork. I havent seen an 88 CRX before, but I was under the impression that they also have the sleeved bottom, so we could use those if we don't want to change the lower mount.
To make sure, could someone give me a pic/CAD or even some detailed measurements of the 88 rear shock and spring combo? We'd like to get it done in the next week if possible.
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