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Need some Ebay advice.....

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How long should I wait before trying get my money back through Paypal? I don't want to over react but then again I don't want to wait too long either. Here's the details - A week and half ago I bought a CRX related item from a seller on Ebay using the "Buy it now" and paid through Paypal. The shipping seemed relatively cheap for the size of the item and the seller had few negative feedbacks. I bid anyway. Three days later I get a single email that says - "item is too big to fit in non oversized box. shipping is 3X as much as I charged. can't ship for that much. will try to fit it in a smaller box." The end. How is it my problem he undercharged for shipping? I emailed him twice asking if he shipped it, nothing. The item was a little over $100 w/shipping. So how long should I wait?
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Thats bull. You shouldnt have to pay extra for shipping above what he quoted you.
baker_jeff said:
Thats bull. You shouldnt have to pay extra for shipping above what he quoted you.
I agree but I really need to know I how long I should wait before I try to get my money back......
Unfortunately, eBay won't be of much help probably, you can try to maybe let them know about it, and introduce it to them as a possible scam to get more money... introduce it to PayPal maybe as the same thing.

I would do this though. Go ahead and initiate the chargeback with PayPal to get his attention. If he really wants the money, he is contractually obligated to sell the item as-listed... he cannot change the terms AFTER the sale. Get your money back, and go elsewhere. Leave him a negative feedback for the transaction.

He may decide that the money is worth it regardless of being charged more for shipping, and ship it... then you cancel the paypal withdrawl.
i would just charge baack, its assholes like that that ruin ebay or give ebay a bad name
If he doesn't agree to ship it with the contractual terms agreed upon when you placed your bid, you are no obligated to continue the transaction. If he disagrees and won't ship it, charge it back in paypal.

How did you fund this transaction? Bank account or credit card? Paypal can be a real bitch when you're trying to get your money back. If paypal doesn't give it back, and you funded it with a credit card, do a credit card charge back to get your money back. I *always* fund major paypal transactions with my credit card, just in case this situation comes up.
stickershop said:
How did you fund this transaction? Bank account or credit card?
Credit card. Should I email him and give him a chance to respond or just go through Paypal? He is the kind of Ebay'er I hate....he doesn't communicate at all. I knew better, he only 58 feedbacks with 3 negatives (all as a seller). Through the feedbacks I saw he apparently has a track record of taking forever to ship stuff. Apparently in the 3 negatives he took a month to ship the stuff. So it's possible I could still get my item......
Initiate the charge-back procedure. PayPal will investigate. At the very least, it should get the seller off his @ss.

I have done two charge-backs so far, both to the same seller (two separate eBay items the same day). Took a couple of weeks, but i got all my money back.
I've done two charge backs through Paypal. The first was for over 400$ in JDM front end pieces all from the same seller. It took 2-3 weeks, but I got my money back in full. The second time the seller wasn't communicating very well, and the charge back threat put him between a rock and a hard place. Needless to say, I got my item w/ the quickness! :)
*Update* I got it today. Here's what I bought - Seat . Once again, disappointment. I bought this for the infamous passenger to driver's seat pan swap. The seat was described as perfect, like new. "perfect", "like new" means to me the item looks like the day it left the showroom. The seat has a cigarette burn on the right bolster and the rear vinyl has a punch tear. I would've described it as in good condition but definitely not "perfect" or "like new". I'm so tired of improperly described items on ebay. Plus since this guy hasn't left me feedback yet so I'm pretty much forced to leave him positive feedback if I want to keep my 100% positive feedback rating. Crap, my love/hate relationship with ebay continues.......
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