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need some help here

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on the way to school today i got pulled over for 57.4 in a 35. i didn't know it was a 35 but i can't blame ingnorance. my question is.. he wrote down that he got me for "robic" .. does anyone know what that means.. he didn't check radar, or vascar so i have no idea.
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i found this via google.

This is a hand held stop watch calculating and indicating speed. It can be used on foot.
An officer can make use of special markings in the road, police motorcyclists like to use them because of there portability being hand held.

I think he pretty much clocks you from point a to point b to get your speed instead of a radar gun.. Mark will probably know for sure
MarkWilliamson said:
Krix said:
Mark will probably know for sure
However, I can give this advice:

Pay attention to signage and leave your house earlier so you won't have to speed to school.
+1 I used to rush to school, and wasted more gas and was rougher on my car by doing this. Just leave yourself an extra 5-10 minutes, or take the time to learn backroads if you can find them, and vuala, no more tickets or bad gas mileage.
yea i know about the not rushing to school part. i usually do give myself an extra 10 mins but i slept late that day. as for the "robic" thing, my buddy got a 60 in a 35 and the reason was "robic". he got a fine but didn't get points... how can i find out if i will get points or not.. because if im not getting any points i'll just pay the 170 bucks no questions asked and not try to get it reduced. but i can't get 4 points because insurance is hard enough already.. sorry for the run on sentance :)
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