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dohcrxl said:
Downshifting to slow the car to me is a total waste of time and money even if you rev match. No one in the world can rev match perfectly everytime. I've been driving big trucks for 500 thousand miles where you have to rev match on every upshift and downshift and I still can't do it perfectly everytime. And for everytime it's not perfect, the clutch is wearing away needlessly. Not only that, so are the synchros in your tranny.

Not only that, 4500 rpm's in 3rd gear versus 800 rpm's in neutral means there are THREE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED more times per minute where the piston rings are scraping up and down the cylinder walls. That many more times that the waterpump, oil pump, entire valve train, gears in the transmission are spinning creating additional and uneccessary wear.

Engine braking is only neccessary when your vehicle weighs 30 thousand pounds or more and you are going down a steep mountain grade. Other than that, I think it's silly. (unless someone can list the benefits)
it sounds awesome 8)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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