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New car

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I finally picked it up today, shes amazing, how do i put pictures up so you guys can have a look?[/img]
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you can load some in the gallery... theres instructions on the page there, then use the img tags
crx or what lets see some pics
Seriously, you can't just not even tell us what it is...
see this thread

93 CR-X VTEC, which I'm assuming is a Del Sol, since he's from Birmingham, UK
Sorted out the pics, let me know what you think. there in the gallery.

Ahah! So it's not a Del Sol! It's a real CRX. And a good looking one at that. So now what year is this again? And where are you located?
Wow, I knew some rexes were produced in 92, but never heard of any being made in 93, at least til yours.

Now, wasn't there something over the pond about the car was "year'd" by the date sold?
its a K reg, which in english terms means it was made in 93.
Now, wasn't there something over the pond about the car was "year'd" by the date sold?
As far as i know, as the cars come out of the factory they get a number plate, so a K reg car would have been made in 93, L reg 94, etc, i may be wrong, but thats how i think it works.
They stopped making this model in 93 so over here its as new as you can get. they don't even make the CRX anymore i don't think, the Civic Type R is the latest offering from honda, which is an awesome car by all acconts.
check out
the top one is the road edition, thats how it comes. do you have it in the US
oh well, all i know is that the car has a 93 plate, it may have been made in 92 but only been bought in 93 hence the year of the plate. i spoke to a guy who collects these things though and he said that they stopped making them in 93. To be honest i'm not that fussed, its just a beautiful car and i love it. So chuffed.
Yep, the pedals are oriented the same as US LHD cars. It would be interesting to try that out.
having driven both RHD and LHD cars i prefer RHD cos i'm right handed, which means when accelerating and up shifting out of corners if the front end gets twitchy then i have my stronger arm in control, but really it doesn't make a great deal of difference i don't think. Its kinda like riding a bike, you get use to it and then its just normal whichever you do.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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