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New Car

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Ok, so after all the work I've put into the rex, I'm feeling like its not really going anywhere. Its hard to find the time, and with school loans coming due, its hard to find the money to throw at her.

So, I'm kinda at a cross road... If I sell it, that frees up the money for parts, and the 41 a month to garage it. I've also thought about storing it at a family members house, but moving a car with no suspension is going to be a bit difficult.... decisions, decisions.....

Anyway, After much discussion, Robyn and I found a great deal on an 06 Kia Rio.

Bah... who am I kiddin?!?!?! We are getting the Rio, but at no expense of the Rex, or the ranger. And we are getting an awesome deal... FREE!

Robyn's mother just remarried, and invited her step-daughter to live with them. Robyn's Mom agreed to remodel Robyn's old bedroom, help her go to school, she didn't need to worry about holding a job, and... buy an 06 Rio. The catch... do well in school and follow some rules (which seemed pretty lenient for an 18 yr old college student). Two weeks before the end of her first year, she decided that the rules sucked, and she was going to live with her mother (where she would have to pay rent and help with bills, try afford college on her own, but have the freedom to do whatever she pleased).

So, now they are stuck with a school loan, and the car loan. Instead of taking a major hit on selling the car, they are going to ship it to us. So, we get pretty much brand new car, free! Another crazy thing, the insurance will be cheaper on the Kia, even with comprehensive, go figure!

Oh, one car does have to go... our 95 Saturn SL2. Bummer... lol.
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A Kia Rio? Not my first choice on a car, but if its free, what the hell. Glad your keeping the rex and keep up on her. She'll be well worth it in the end.
What!? That Saturn was tearing it up out here!
thats what I'm hoping
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