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New CRX Help!

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I just got my first car, a '91 CRX, its automatic transmission. It runs good except the brakes dont go into effect unless your really push the pedal hard, I want to make it a little bit more sensitive. Should i replace the brakes while fixing it since it is used?

I read all the stickys for beginners and was wondering on a scale of 1-10 how hard the following would be to do for a beginner and his dad that has some knowledge of cars (he works for honda).Also if you can include a ballpark estimate of the prices thatd be great!

-New Brakes/Altering
-oil change
-Installation of speakers
-Switching to manual transmission
-Replacing worn out parts such as bulbs, speedometer, seats
-fixing a window that wont close
-Upgrades for more power(turbo,exhaust etc)

Thanks for the patience!

And is there anything you guys/girls would recremond to learn more about cars particuarlly CRXs becuase i'm already beggining to become addicted to this car.
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well congrats first off

sounds like air is in the brake lines

knowledge is power, i would recommend getting a service manual for your year car and do some reading, besides they are worth every penny when it comes to troubleshooting and other stuff

New Brakes/Altering

if you are just talking about changing pads/shoes and disc/drums then probably about a 3-4. if you are talking big brake upgrade or rear disc conversion that's a little different story

oil change

pretty simple task but can easily get screwed up. i rate it 2-3

Installation of speakers

about a 1-2

Switching to manual transmission

about a 6-7

Replacing worn out parts such as bulbs, speedometer, seats

just really depends on the component and location can range from 1-4 also depends how crazy you want to get. EDM cluster FTW :)

fixing a window that wont close

i would say 2-4 depends on why it's not closing

Upgrades for more power(turbo,exhaust etc)

it can range from 1 all the way to 10 just depends on what you are after.

i really don't think anyone can really give you a ballpark figure, it all depends on where you get your parts from, i.e. autozone,honda,junkyard,forums, performance shops.

basically learn the in's and outs of them and how to take care of them and think about what you want your car to do for you.
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