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I just got my first car, a '91 CRX, its automatic transmission. It runs good except the brakes dont go into effect unless your really push the pedal hard, I want to make it a little bit more sensitive. Should i replace the brakes while fixing it since it is used?

I read all the stickys for beginners and was wondering on a scale of 1-10 how hard the following would be to do for a beginner and his dad that has some knowledge of cars (he works for honda).Also if you can include a ballpark estimate of the prices thatd be great!

-New Brakes/Altering
-oil change
-Installation of speakers
-Switching to manual transmission
-Replacing worn out parts such as bulbs, speedometer, seats
-fixing a window that wont close
-Upgrades for more power(turbo,exhaust etc)

Thanks for the patience!

And is there anything you guys/girls would recremond to learn more about cars particuarlly CRXs becuase i'm already beggining to become addicted to this car.
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