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New CRX owner!! from Kanada :-)

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:D Hi Guys..

I am new here and just got a Crx tonight. I have never owned a Honda before.. but I enjoyed the ride home... Arg - I need a sunroof.. nice new paint though..

My Car is on Car Domain as well (has new rims - have to shoot it tomorrow.)
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HEY!!! I live in canada too!!!.... Welcome To!!!!
This thing is a skateboard - I always wanted one but never knew why I waited so long... geez it is fun to drive.. I have been behind so many SUV's that I forgotten driving could be fun..
Welcome. We want pics of your rex. Cardomain can't go thru my work firewall.
I'd ditch the tails, although for altezzas they aren't as bad as most that I've seen from the pictures. Paint does look nice. As Mark said, welcome to the addiction :D it'll suck your money right out of your wallet before you even know what's happening.
I will be posting images later this week. It is a unique look to the car.. the rims are outrageous and it has new red paint... I think it should be in a car mag myself... going to shoot some of the pics today.

Talk about sucking wallet - I used to have a 4runner.. at 18 mpg
Welcome aboard!
Welcome to the's a another vote for losing the "crystal" tail lights. OEM>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Altezzas
Says fresh red paint, looks orange to me lol.
Welcome to the Community.
ludesrv said:
Says fresh red paint, looks orange to me lol.
I scratched my head on that as well...
I took a pic of it with my cel phone.. however I went into PS and changed it back to red.

I think the tailights are horrible but someone else will want them.. and I will give them away for free - but I want there stock lights. (just bought the car last Sunday)
Not sure what an N13 is..
jimwww said:
Not sure what an N13 is..
The N meets are held every summer in Niagara Falls, Ontario. They're numbered sequentially, last year was N12, etc. I've only been to one, N9 in 2003, but it was well worth the drive.

Oh yeah, Welcome. :p
Since I lived in Toronto for a long time.. I don't think I will be heading there from here anytime soon.. If anything I am headed the other way in April - California for a week.
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