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The story:

I was looking for a fun autox/summer car in January. I decided I wanted a VW and was looking for a couple weeks and just missed buying a caged supercharged Rabbit. Downest keeps telling me to get a CRX or a Civic. Then he links me to an 88 DX being sold by some guy name Agentjam. I read the post and decided I liked what I saw. Emailed him Thursday and Friday. By Saturday morning I was on the phone with him and driving the 4 hours to Philly with a Bugdet truck and car carrier. Turns out this is a well known car and I got it for a sweet price.

The specs from the ad(edited down a little):
25,000 miles since build
Tuned by Jeff Evans in Easton, PA
12.25:1 compression
Apexi Power FC controlled with commander and obd1 to obd2a harness (my car's wired obd1)
160whp/125wtq - dynojet on 94 octane
~30mpg mixed each fill up
Walbro 255lph pump
AEM fuel pressure regulator with B&M gauge (new fuel filter)
z10 catchcan for valve cover and block breather
WORKING 134a COLD A/C BABY!!! (belt/system can be removed but I love it)
-homeade 4 gauge grounds/power wires with gold battery connectors
D16y8 head (25,000 miles since build)
-competition Alaniz port/polish/rework/3-angle valve job
-Crower 3 cam with crower hardware
-SMSP racing header
-2.5" mandrel exhaust with test pipe and cat converter (will include both)
-2.5" magnaflow muffler mounted like stock muffler
-Skunk2 cam gear
-skunk2 intake manifold
-h22 throttle body opened up at ends
-short ram intake with K&N filter (10,000 miles on new filter)
-ARP head studs
-obd1 dist

D16z6 block (25,000 miles since build)
-75.5mm new P29/PM7 pistons
-75.5 overbore/hone (Frank bash race engines)
-shot-peened rods
-8lb act flywheel
-ACT heavy duty clutch
-micropolished crank balanced to 10k with pistons/rods, flywheel, pully and pressure plate (Frank bash race engines)
-fresh rebiuld with new honda matched bearings (me)
-new apexi 1.5mm headgasket
-ARP hardware everywhere

-Silver paint matched rota slips with honda center caps
-drilled slotted front rotors, new rear drums
-braided stainles brake lines
-all urethane bushings, with front LCA's drilled with grease taps installed
-lowered on eibach sportlines and kyb gr2's
-camber set to zero with adj ball joint kit in front and adj upper control arm in rear

-pioneer cd/wma/mp3 head unit
-boston acoustics speakers in 4 corners
-Total mobile audio 440w rms 4 channel amp
-power FC commander
-keyless entry with trunk pop
-power windows and locks installed
-new carpet and new CRX floor mats
-98 civic center armrest/console installed

And to make this post even longer... pics!!

and then bad shop pics taken by me:


(See Tom, I posted! Now stop IM'm me about it)

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I have a question, how do you roll down the windows?

Great car. Im with scott, hope to see this on garage day. (saw the lastest report, looks as if the snow is holding off for that day)

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I guess Jon's still sleeping, we had a bit of a night last night :p This car is supposed to get a non-grinding tranny today too, I was hoping to get started around 9 or so...

SETI20 said:

Love the color. No door belts (nice) GREAT engine work!

'90/91 front bumper, and taillights. J's racing or similar bumper lip EDM rear wing.

Done. 8)
We're looking for the tails, but I think the bumper is staying. The PO cut the hole into one side there, but it looks really well done. We haven't done much to the car beyond clean it, remove the MSD, and drive it. It's really fun, but really damn loud, it's more of a cop magnet than my car! This week it should get a new glass pack tip like Jared and I have to try and quiet it down a little bit. I'm also going to clean the bay up today while we have the tranny out and Jon isn't looking. Take out the MSD (not hooked up anyway), charcoal canister, etc, and give it a good scrubbing with some simple green.

We'll get some more pics today when she gets a bath, and we'll be going to the JVG meet in Albany tomorrow, lots of pics!
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