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New CRX owner

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Just picked up on 87 DX 5-speed about a week ago for $700 out the door from a seedy-looking lot in the ghetto. I'll post pics when I figure out what the hell I did with my camera.

Anyway, it turned out to be a great find. Has 138K original miles and runs super strong. No unusual noises, smoke, cooling issues, nothing. Just runs like a Honda should. The only real issue I have with the car is the heater doesn't work, which I hear tell is pretty common. The blower fan works, but blows cold. The car runs a little warm at freeway speeds, so I'm hoping it's just the thermostat's stuck.

Also, it had no springs. It was running on nothing but struts. Fortunately, it needed brakes and my mechanic always keeps old parts and just happened to have a set of stock Civic springs laying around that he gave to me for free.

Well, just thought I'd say hi and introduce myself. No real plans for the car yet (might pick up some steelies and new tires this week), it's serving as a work car for a delivery service I work for, and 35 MPG city beats the hell out of the 17 MPG I was getting in my V6 Ford Ranger.
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there was no springs on the back ?


you wont have any on the front, but the back should definatly have some.

what year of civic did the free springs come from , might want to find out , they may not fit unless they're form the same years ( 84-87).
Concerning the heater............ there is a lever underneath behind
the radio area, that opens and closes bellows. Yours may be stuck closed.
YAY!!!! Another 1st Genner! Welcome to! Cant wait to see pictures... Go Find Ur Camera.... PRONTO!!!!!!!
If you are referring to frt coil springs you wont find any on a 1G.
The 1G has a torsion bar frt suspension.
Good find BTW!
I started with a 1G. ahh my old 86 HF carbed...
Thanks for the welcome. I tried CRX Resource when I first bought it with 0 response for a week. I'm gonna look into the blower valve ASAP. And yes, no rear springs. As for the front, whatever they did, it's raised back to stock height (but the rear's sitting kinda high).

Until I find my camera, I'll give you a visual. It's a DX. Red with gray lower trim (soon to be rattle canned, I hate red). Stock 13" hubs in the front, driver side rear black steelie, passenger side rear silver steelie. Cracked header panel (big surprise), dented hood, and used to sit about 2" off the ground.

Again, thanks for the awesome welcome.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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