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We are in the same boat. I bought a 91 crx si with a blown A6 motor. It is going to be a weekend/occasional driver. I use my RSX for the daily driver. It is pretty nice compared to the stock A6. Looking to build something a little more powerful though.

I have been trying to decide what I want to do. Turbo, all motor, etc. After a little research I am going to stay with the d-series motor. I can't make up my mind yet on the motor though.

I have found a few A6's here locally, 1 would need to be rebuilt soon, 1 has 89k miles but the throw out bearing in the tranny is going bad, etc. Also Hmotorsonline has a sohc non vtec motor for about $400 plus $225 shipping(to KS), but it has low miles. I would buy this one in a heartbeat if shipping wasn't so expensive.
It does seem like alot of people swap in the Z6's or Y's. Probably because they can be found in the US with low miles, not expensive, and don't have to pay shipping.
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