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hello, welp i posted in the lounge a week or so ago and since then a few things have turned sour so now instead of using my savings for a swap i well be rebuilding my stocker d16a6 and doing the clutch. i plan on it taking awhile since me and my buddy have never tackled rebuilding a engine before but we well make it with time.

I just don't know what to look for what to stay away from and where to look for parts i REALY need some help here.

my intentions are to build it reliable every day driver, that i can beat up on the fun roads on the days off. looking at doing anything from a stock to mild upgrades to mayby running some nitrous through it everyonce in awhile.

so what should i expect to pay and for what?? if you were only to upgrade a few things what would it be?

sorry about all the questions but i need to get on the ball, i may not post much but i well definetly be around allot

also here is the link to my other post with pics
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