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I have been a member on here for a few weeks now. I figured I should say hello and introduce myself the proper way. I bought my CRX about a month and a half ago and have been loving it the whole time. I replaced the main relay, igniter, distro cap, distro rotor, plug wires, and plugs so far. I am doing the water pump and timing belt soon (the cold weather makes me less motivated.

I live in Baltimore, MD (no I'm not a Ravens fan...I'm from Pittsburgh originaly). I am Engineer for a local hospital. I work on Xray and MRI scanners.

I look forward to meeting people this summer and picking your brains on CRX stuff.

OK enough about me... on to the pics :)

1990 Si in the cursed color.

I want to get her painted after I get the rust spots taken care of.

And now pics of my other rides:

Cause snow can be a PITA:

My other toys :

You can hitme up on Myspace if you want:

Thanks everyone,

Kris...aka...Drunken Monkey
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