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Hey everyone
I didn't know this forum existed and I wanted to show my first manual car
Y-49 1988 CRXsi
If anyone is familiar working on these and can ever help me down the line that would be great, I have some plans on this car but my first step is to restore interior and fix all the little things that are annoying me.

Automotive parking light Car Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting
Tire Wheel Automotive parking light Vehicle Automotive tail & brake light
Automotive parking light Car Wheel Vehicle Tire
Wheel Tire Vehicle Automotive lighting Hood
Automotive parking light Automotive side marker light Car Vehicle registration plate Automotive tail & brake light
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Welcome! Nice Y-49! Where are you located and what are your plans for the car?
Thanks man , I’m from socal ! And tbh plans for the car is to go oem + or close don’t wanna rice it out but don’t want it bone stock , maybe target better handling over acceleration and speed. nothing beats being able to take corners faster than everyone
1 - 3 of 5 Posts