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new ideas.....what do you guys think

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my dad and I were talking today and he gave me an idea that I never really considered and I dont know why. I have never put any real money into my crx for two reasons. 1 its a first gen (harder to find parts and doesnt look as nice as second gens in my opinion) and 2 its body is just too rough.....the car isn't worth more than $400 because it has soo much rust and faded paint. not to mention the fenders and hood don't line up......the whole front end just looks horrible.

But then tonight I got the idea to do a build up on it and leave the body as it is. A rusty peice of crap that I don't freak out over if someone leans on it and its barely even noticed when there's a new scratch. But I want to make it fast, handle great, and break on a dime. If I put nothing into looks I figure I can build a pretty nice motor and suspension for a fairly small amount of money.

I know that most of you guys here are second gen owners so I think it would be a pretty unique and a good learning experiance. Eventually I'd fix up the body but I kind of like the idea of a rusted POS being faster than my friends mustang :D So I'm thinking I might buy a D16a1 to do a mild build up on and then start working on the suspension. I figure that for under $1,600 I can make a pretty impressive all around car in the turns and in a straight line. My car isn't worth the money but what can I say.....sometimes people get an idea and just have to do it......So I'm setting myself some goals. I want to get the car into the 14's before I put any money into how the car looks. No rims, paint, rust repair or anything untill the car is under 15.0 seconds at the drag strip. It's not an extremely hard goal to try an meet but I know I can improve on it later. So in short I'm planning on giving my rex some TLC........and to think I was so close to selling her for a prelude......
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Rough looking sleepers can be a lot of fun. :D Make sure the rust you have is repairable though. If the body is too far gone, it's best to avoid dumping money into it.
yeah I've already checked and it's not too deep yet......all just surface point is that I'm not going to put any money or time into the body unless it looks like the rust is going to go too far and cause structural damage.
Thats awesome!.... especially if you were to take it to a drag strip and actually get good time!... last year my friend put a turbo in a POS amni that looked like it was going to fall to pieces. I was sitting in the stands when he went to the strip, and everyone just started laughing, but once he took off most people were speachless as he did under 15 seconds, but the best part was, it was all quiet, and a guy shouted out... ,"That [crap]s Not Stock!!!!" It was awesome!
sounds like a good idea to me :) Do you plan on haveing a carbed d16a1 86 to 87 or a fi 88 and 89 one ???

what i would do if your carbed is throw the engine in there, throw some dual sidedraft webers on there and have a bunch of head work done or some bike carbs

can you say monster :twisted:

bike carbs :twisted:

just some ideas
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Just remember that rust can go really bad in a matter of months.
Also looking at it will grow weary on the eyes pretty fast.
SETI20 said:
Just remember that rust can go really bad in a matter of months.
Also looking at it will grow weary on the eyes pretty fast.
Agreed. Why don't you make this a total budget project. Fix the rust and body, but do it yourself so as to contain the cancer...but it doesn't have to be perfect. Then you can learn some body work on something that doesn't matter too much also. If you do the body work yourself, you're out some time but not a whole lot of money if you budget on paint and supplies.
I'll make for sure the rust is eliminated by next winter.....but I dont think it will get much worse durring the spirng and summer as long as I keep it washed and fairly clean. But for now I'm thinking I'll probably go with a d16a1 and keep it carbed since there is less rewiring involved. Plans change so I'll have to do some research first but thats just the plan for now. I want to build a fast and reliable car as possible. Since the common saying is that you can only have two of the three......I'm gonna have to be somewhere in the middle of all of them to keep a well rounded car. I dont care if its the fastest as long as it's faster than most of the other cars you see on the street. I'm willing to put some money into the motor and trans but like I said I'm not looking to empty the bank account. If it can be reliable and get into the 14's I'll be happy. Those are my main concerains as this is still gonna my my DD when its all done.....
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