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Well, it was a heck of a long process, but I am now the newest employee at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway!. I'll be starting there as a full-time graphic designer on March 1. My old employer went out of business in January, and luckily one of my co-workers told me about the opening at the Speedway. The job wasn't listed in the paper or anything, just on the IMS website, so (luckily for me) they only got about 45 applications. I was happy and surprised just to get an interview, then a second interview came along, then they asked for some references...then they finally made me an offer! The first interview was over a month ago, so it's been quite a long ordeal -- but it all worked out for me in the end. Luckily I was eligible for unemployment benefits so I could make ends meet in the meantime and wasn't forced to take the first thing that came along just to pay the bills.

The creative services/graphic design department at the Speedway produces all aspects of the official race programs for all 3 races that are held there (the famous Indianapolis 500, NASCAR's Allstate 400 at the Brickyard, and Formula One's U.S. Grand Prix), designs all the official race logos, all forms of advertising (from print ads to billboards), and all the printed materials that come out of the Speedway -- tickets, brochures, you name it. They're also picking up all the graphic design work for the whole Indy Racing League series, so that's why they decided to hire another designer.

I'm super excited because the job in and of itself is great, but to me there is no cooler place to work than at the Speedway. I grew up going to races, practices, and qualifications at the Speedway and watching the race every year. I figured you guys would appreciate how cool of a place this would be to work and understand the goofy grin that's been on my face since I found out I was hired :)
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