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New member here with a 1gen crx..

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I am from RPR but I thought I would register here to see whats going on lol..

I have a 1987 crx si rio red. with 92,000 original miles original paint/interior ..with mods. SOME members here may know my car already.. here are the MODS. most are RARE and were NIB

lightspeed racing Intake
ngk plugs and wires
powedercoated red valve cover (not installed yet)
(mugen cam coming soon)

Stock with input bearing noise lol
oem replacement clutch
Rebuilt ultracare honda tranny with MUGEN lsd awaiting install when i have time, and when the stock tranny input shaft noise gets unbearable....
dual diaphram pressure plate with sprung performance disc (awaiting install)

Dc sports ceramic header
lightspeed racing test pipe (uninstalled for daily driving)
2 1/4" catback with magnaflow with stock si tips for now (soon to be changed)

lightspeed racing adjustable front sway bar
Lightspeed racing rear antiroll bar (front not installed yet)
Mugen internal anti roll bar
g/c coilovers with 450# springs
jackson racing 24.5mm torsion bars re-indexed
energy suspension bushings (most not installed yet)
Tokico Illumina 5-way adjustable struts

Lightspeed/brembo front cross drilled rotors
performance pads
goodridge stainless steel brake lines all around
DOT 5 fluid
(rear aluminum drum mod with porterfield shoes in future)

MUGEN 15x6.5" with 195/50/15 tires (on now)
13" bbs with 205/60/13's (use for winter)

all original

all original paint
rare reflective red center garnish
Rare oem honda smoked sunroof wind deflector
RARE 4 si oem MUDFLAPS (will be installed tomorrow)
full front Car bra LOL (not everyones taste but it serves a purpose for me)
rare Jdm (jack-in the box domestic market) antenna ball..

power door locks
clifford alarm w/keyless entry
Old skool soundtream 1000sx amp
old skool soundstream 160.2 amp for mids/highs
Old skool soundstream x-over
soundstream xact 5" mids 1" tweeter components
JVC headunit (soon to be replaced with a soundstream vir8000)
JL audio 8W7 subs (looking for 1 soundstream davinci 10")

Here are some pics.. Enjoy.. To all people that know me Whats up!! Thnaks crxcommunity for the time/space..

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Clean 1st gen!

HOT! I'm really starting to think about a first gen lately with all the new members...
Hopefully with the "Sport compact car" article about the mugen 1st gen in this months issue, It will open up some eyes to the often forgotten 84-87 crx..
downest said:
HOT! I'm really starting to think about a first gen lately with all the new members...
I have too. There's a sweet white one for sale near me for $500.
Needs alot of work that I can't afford tho :(
Dude that is CLEAN!!! :shock:
OMG!~~~ IM FREAKING OUT!!! (dskhfekjhfqkwbfqdwgerl) <---thats me freaking Out! I LOVE IT~! :love: :love: :love: :love:
That is one seriously shhhhweet crx.


:drool: ....and .....:drool:

welcome bro ,i gotta say that this car is one of the cleanest on RPR :D you lucky guy
I started with a 1G.
Welcome to the collective...err community. :lol:
Thanks for the warm welcome ev1!!

Awesome community..
Welcome Jeff! About time you got your arse over here. I've said if before, but very clean ride bro, keep it nice!

Hey y'all, etmydst is a cool guy and will be a respected member here (as he is at RPR).

Just don't try to buy a Datsun roadster from him (J/K bro! It's all good :wink: )

All joking aside, it's always great to have another 1G guy over here. :D

1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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