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Hello everyone i just got signed up, site looks great ive been into crx's for past 6 years and have owned quite a few since than
My latest project is a 88 crx SI
I just did a ZC swap in the car
and i have about 3000$ worth of parts im installing currently
but first things first after i finish painting the car i am going to install roll bars and i was wondering if anyone had any tips
the shop im working at has never done a roll bar installation and ive seen pics of some and get the basic idea but i was wondering if anyones got links to a spot i can get a goodwalk through so i can get the cleanest install

Ive already purchased the roll bars and it was just basicly 1 main hoop which goes behind the driver seat and than just a whole bunch of tubes for the rest

If u want more info i have plenty of pics just send me an email.. thanks alot i hope to hear back
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