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Hey all, I am new to this board and just wanted to introduce myself. I started out with CRX's a few years ago when I bought an '88 Si. I swapped a DOHC ZC into it and then promptly lost it to Jonny Law (not smog legal, no way, no how in my area). Now, I drive a '91 HF with a B16 and some other small mods on it, which I got past the state ref to avoid losing another, heh. I AutoX it with the San Francisco region of the SCCA and, hopefully, will actually win sometime. Been looking for a board to get some help with a few things and this one seemes like it is fairly active, so I thought I'd sign up.
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You've come to the right place for info, people here are more than willing to help you out.

You need some pictures of the car though. Everybody loves pictures!
Hey, welcome. I was down for CRXPO '04. Were you there?
Welcome. We demand pics...we are pic whores. Also, maybe more on your setup would be fun too, sounds like you got yourself a neat crx.
wow, thanks for the warm welcome everyone!

OBD1 Kenobi - sadly, I didn't make it there. I am pretty new to the CRX community, so I didn't know about that event then.

I'll try and get some pics asap. I tried on my phone yesterday afternoon, but they didn't come out too well ... dark colors and shadows don't mix.

A bit more about the setup: Fundamentally it is stock, engine swap aside, though even the B16 is basically stock. The intake manifold is Edelbrock, though it looks stock ... the better to avoid the law (paranoia isn't a problem if they really are out to get you!). In the same vein, the exhaust piping from the cat back is aftermarket, but it mates to a stock muffler, so from the back it looks completely stock (not ideal or even especially helpful performance wise, so that is gonna go when i get a bit more cash together). Wheels are 15" Rota Slipstream knockoffs, but they only weigh 11.9 lbs each. Running 205/50/15 Falkien Azenis Sports on them.

For the near future, I have a roll cage from the '88 Si that will be going in sometime in the next few weeks, and a set of Omni Power coilovers that will go in at the same time.

Longer term I need to fix the exhaust, and plan on moving the battery to the trunk area. Also should probably do some camber/caster tuning after the coilovers, but that may have to wait on money as well.
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ha welcome to the best honda board out there
We're all multi talented here. Welcome, ask questions and post pics!
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