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New to the community

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Typically I hate these sort of posts, however.. I really wanted to make it because Im a big fan of the consentrated level of real crx enthusiast you guys seem to have here. Any how, I recognize alot of you from the old days of the resource and wanted to say hi and that I really like what youve done with the place.
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Thanks! Welcome to the community. We hope you enjoy your stay. :D
Glad to have ya abord there florida boy! :wink:
Glad to see ya mang!
WhatZ up PMP! Long time no talk!

Glad to have ya here ;)
Welcome! :)
welcome welcom welcom :p

welcome aboard
Like i said in another post i remember you from that other site. You had a zc crx? You were in chat alot!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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