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well here i go with my build thread

front shot with the factory front bumper

rear shot

front shot with the mugen replica front bumper with jdm sir bumper lights

engine shot

i found this when i pulled out the tail lights, i never noticed it before

i found where water was coming in

start of a waterleak

a little rear end damage so i think i might have it looked at and see if it need to be straightend

just another shot of the rear damage

little rust on the pillar where the door latch hook is

empty interior

pulled the front end off so when i pull the engine out i can sand blast the engine bay and spray it white

and now a shot of the wiring mess i have to fix right

it shouldn't be too hard to fix the wiring mess it looks like everything is in the right spot i just need to get a solider iron and some shrink wrap and should be good i should have the engine out tomorrow and be able to start the body work and fix this mess

took the engine out

a close look at the engine bay and a little more rust to take care of

new SS brake lines put them in to make sure nothing would rub against the line

started to prep the engine bay for paint

cleaned it all up and sprayed the first coat of frost white

pulled the tank to see if anything was in there that would cause me to get poor gas mileage, but did not see anything in there so i think i may need a new sending unit (i cleaned up the rust on the tank and sprayed it with plasti dip)

need new pads, rotors and calipers on both left and right rear disk brake set up

prepped and layed down the frist coat of frost white on the door jams

all painted and ready to be put back together but not quite yet

upon sanding down the left rear quarter there is more rust, oh well it's getting replaced anyways

well my headlights are here and so is my ef7 t-bar

now all i need to get is a sir carbon fiber hood from vis and the front end will be complete

i installed the SIR lights to check for any fitment issues, i only had 1 issue with the right side of the bumper as you can see in the pictures. i have to do a little trimming so the head light fits flush with the bumper

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