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Newb w/ some issues - be gentle :)

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its Ghetto but it works you can use 3m window weld to fill in that motor mount. just fill it all in solid and let it dry. . . . Prob would be best to just buy a new mount though not sure what one costs.. . .prob not much. . .
there was an article on here about window welding the motor mounts. .. . but more for a more solid feel of a good mount not as a fix for a broken one. . .. but it should still work . .

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Yes, you can use it to repair mounts. I even went so far as to melt/burn all the old rubber out of the front mount before filling it. Just be sure to measure where the center pin should be and set up a rig so the pin sticks out equally on both sides of the mount while the urethane dries.
Anyone have an idea what a mount costs. . . . . its late and the Ap store is closed or else i would call and post it. . . . . It might be cheaper than the window weld. . . . i cant imaging that that stuff is that cheap . .
Front mount was about $50 CDN, and the bigger mounts around around $80 CDN each. I had to replace them all on my project car because the previous owner and transformed them into solid metal mounts (no rubber!!!) The vibration to the cab was absolute murder!
Yeah I can imagine that that was murder. . .. My v8 vega i put solid mounts in. . . . . .deth trap for the street. . .. .nice solid feel though .. .

I like the idea of the windows weld. . . . for stiffing up the crappy stock mounts. . . . .they should a LEAST be solid rubber from the factory and not half hollow. . . . .this is a great idea. . . . im going to be doing it here soon. .. . . and see what kinda mileage I get. . . . i think the stiffer feel will be nice. . . .. and less shifter binding crap when reefing on it. .

i bought the driverside and front mount from honda before i went b16. guy cut me a break and got both for about $55-60. thats been a few years back though.
I used this body seam adhesive from work that is awesome.
It is stiff enough that it "feels" like a solid mount but,not that solid metal stiff feel.
I have a few tubes.
If your close I'll send ya a tube.
I'll get the name of the stuff at work later today.
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