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Newbie intro

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I'm new to the forum and would just like to say wassup even though some of you already know me from the "Resource. Looking around I already see a few faces I haven't in a while. I look forward to my stay.

Tom, I know you invited me over here some time ago but in my defense, I've been stuck 20 feet up a tree in the middle of the state forest for the passed 5 months. :D

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Hi Heu, welcome aboard! Nice to see another of my favorite people from the Resource here. :D
dohcrxl, I know that name sounds familiar. Heu... it kinda rings a bell. Do you know anything about CRX's? :D

Ok seriously. Welcome Heu!!! Welcome to one of my favorite people I've never met. You rock, and I'm so glad you're here!

:shock: LoL... j/k buddy... welcome to the site! 8)
Holy crap...influx of familiar faces from the resource! :D Welcome aboard Heu!
Yeah wha happen over at the resource?
sorry for the ignorance I havent surfed over there in a lil bit.
Oh and btw welcome in here heu.. :wink:
Glad you made it.
ollie said:
Yeah wha happen over at the resource?
Stuff... :twisted:
The Man, The Legend, The Myth.

omg , the prophecy has come true! HE has joined.....

Welcome Heu! Your info has saved me many hours of work on my car, thank you. Plus you were the only one that knew how to get my heat going last winter :lol:
"If you build a forum they will come". Welcome aboard Heu.
Hew, thanks for joining up.... its nice to see you here....

joshman said:
The Man, The Legend, The Myth.
Hey, isn't there some sort of rule here prohibiting the spread of outrageous lies or rumors? :wink:

Good to be here guys and gals. I do feel a little silly though seeing as I just introduced myself to a bunch of old buddies. LOL

Welcome! Im sure you don't need a wlcome seeing you already know a lot of people but hey, welcome anyways.
What it is, bro.

I never knew you're name until now, haha.

Oh, and Ive often wondered, who's that in your avatar pic?
brx017 said:
who's that in your avatar pic?
That was me as a baby a few minutes after blazin' my first L. ; D

Naw, that was my niece at 6 months. Here she is at 2 1/2. Cutest thing in the world isn't she?
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Haha, I just figured it was your disgruntled child! Yeah, she's real cute...They're fun when they're that little. Ive got 2 cousins that are now 3 and 4. they both spent the night with me a few weeks ago. MAN! that was insane!
"THE RESOURCE" = (AKA where all of us new guys have been coming from recently).
LoL...... oh he knows what the Resource is... dont 'cha dave? ;)
Hey everyone

Im also new to this site I like seening other people talking about this unique ride, that we all excperience everyday, only thing tho thats getting to me is when, other people talk about the crx as a girl car which i dont think soo the only thing ive noticed about the honda crx is that girls look super hott in them :D lol seriously. well im glad I joined the site some of you might reconize me from the website im sad to say that it has been taken down, because the creator was in it for the money. Me and 2 other guys that helped out were in it to help out the members which should be #1. Helping with advice and question and keeping the site going the creator didnt contribute nothing. So with that said im happy to be joining this site and i see alot of familar faces have a good one guys

1 - 20 of 38 Posts
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