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Newbie. - Now with a Modlist.

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Hey Everyone. I'm new to crx community, and am already loving it. I own a 1990 Honda Crx dx/zc. I would post some pictures.. but can I post them in this thread, or do they have to be in the gallery? Anyways, I'm looking foward to getting to know everyone.

Gabe :)

- 56k Beware - Lots of pics.

Mods list - I dunno if i should put the bigger things..or the little things also?
- Zc Motor Swap - Trans & ECU
- A Few Parts Shy of a Turbo Kit
- Needed - IC & Downpipe
- Zex Dry Nitrous Oxide System
- MSD - Sport Compact Ignition(SCI)
- MSD - SS Blater Coil
- MSD - Distributor Cap
- B&M - Fuel Pressure Regulator
- B&M - Fuel Pressure Gauge
- Header back w/2 Apexi N1 Cannons
- Cold Air Intake Intake
- Accel Plug Wires
- Front Upper Strut Bar

Running Gear:
- 17'' Konig Toxins (Gunmetal) wrapped with Nankang 205/40
- KYB GR-2 Gas Shocks
- Coilovers
- Sprint Extreme Camber Kit

Body Wise:
- H.O.K. Paint - Planet Green / Lime Gold
- Vertical Doors
- Everything molded
- Mugen Flared Front and Sides (2 Extra flares added to the front of the SS)
- Spyder Rear Bumper (Removed Side Vents and Added 2 Flares)
- VIS Invader Carbon Fiber Hood
- APR Performance - Carbon Fiber Front Wind Splitter
- APR Performance - Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Canards
- All new weather stripping, Window & Hatch Surroundings
- Tint all the way around
- Black Housing Headlights(Soon to have an HID Kit)

Boom Booms:
- Apline CDA-9831
- Custom Screen Molded above the Cd Player
- PS2
- XM Radio
- 6 Bazooka RXT1 Subs
- 3 Bazooka BA1500 Monoblock Amps
- 1 Bazooka BA460 4 Channel Amp
- In the Process of Glassing a New box
Old Setup.... ALOT of Uneeded Weight.. I know. :S

That is all that I can think of at the moment, I'm sure i'm leaving of a few things out.


Pics - CRX Before Body Mods

Pics - CRX During Body Mods

Pics - Daily Driver 3000GT

Pics - Suzuki GSX-R (RIP-first gear wheelie went bad :S)

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Welcome to the site! To post pictures you'll have to upload them somewhere like or You can create your own gallery, but right now there is a bug where we can't post images directly from the gallery. I'm working on that. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
Thats cool, I have photobucket.. so is it cool if I just attatch them to this thread?
Sure, no problem. Attach away.
yooooooooooooooooooo bout time gabe, you need to get some paint on there bro baaaaaaaaadddddddddddd lmfao so you and toni set a date to get the rest done, how bout that box started it yet?

give um a mod list yo i am sure everyone wants to hear?

**EDIT** kind of ironic the pics of the 3kizzle are in a grave yard huh
welcome aboard rice boy! :D just kiddin... Im into the body kits, and lambo doors stuff too..

Of course all of that bling is going to have to wait until my car has the appropiate go-fast goodies in it first...

Anyways, once again welcome. Post up your list of mods that youve done to that rex!


ya gabe doesn't have a life except for his cars lol good guy tho

he makes love to his cars

BTW what happened to the sol rims :lol:
Now normally I would scoff at a car like yours... but somehow... deep down... I like it. *CRY* I guess we're all ricers at heart. But really, it looks nice. Is the whole car going to be that candy green that's in the engine bay? If so that'll be a killer show car for sure. Good luck man, and welcome aboard.
Welcome. I am a stock nazi so no comment on the senseless brutality I have just witnessed.
Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay.
Yes, the whole car is going to be that color. I'm also in the process of Carbon Copying.. my mirrors, Door Pillars, Hatch, and Roof Skin. :lol:
As I was scrolling down, I was thinking 'Damn, I sure hope the pics of the CRX are in reverse order.'
shadowcrx said:
ya gabe doesn't have a life except for his cars lol good guy tho

he makes love to his cars

BTW what happened to the sol rims :lol:
Miata What!?!.. lol.. I miss that car. Pure Sickness
Nice rex. We need to have a midwest meet.
Like the bike too.
I love the daily driver, wow! I'm also a fan of bold in yo face colours! Nice cars, and welcome!
jfrolang said:
As I was scrolling down, I was thinking 'Damn, I sure hope the pics of the CRX are in reverse order.'
The more I look at old pics(when it was blue) the more I feel like kicking myself. It was like a Dark Blue Metallic, which had like a pearl in it... but it was in desperate need of paint..
Gabez_Zc_Crx said:
Miata What!?!.. lol.. I miss that car. Pure Sickness
wow dude that was low blow, you know every time that car is mentioned i cry.... not like i spent ALL of my money on that car...... oh wait ya i did


that was wrong gabe, oh wait what happend toyour bike?
Gabez_Zc_Crx said:
Hey! It's the "stay-puffed" marshmellow CRX! :D
I have gotten soo many comments on Wasn't the smartest thing I have done...but it was still red under there (orig. paint). SO instead of having a blue car. purple bottle, red spare tire area. I decided to cram the area with cotton. It worked. for the 2004 show season :) Thats the story behind that. Ohh Yeaa.. and Cruising to shows.. having the wind blow in really hard.. and blowing the cotton all over.. and out my windows. Kind of funny when you were behind me.. seeing it happen.
yup i have been hit a few times............
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