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It's been awhile since I've been to the Community. I haven't had an internet connection for about 4 months now, so it's really hard to keep in touch with everyone. I'm currently Rex-less right now, I'm patiently looking for a mint Si. Anyways, the reason I'm posting... is there another Niagara meet? I remember last year, there was talk that there wouldn't be another one. Whats going on? Someone fill me in. I'd really like to go this year, I still haven't gone to one.

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MarkWilliamson said:
Well, there's supposed to be a N12.....

Not much talk at all.

I've been to the last 5 in a row. 7--8-9-10-11

Supposed to go this year.

Most likely will not.

Unless Geoff actually demands my presence.

(Not very likely, as he seems to be frozen in Antartica or something)

I bet he don't even show! :lol:

You know my email, Mr. Davidson........

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For any naysayers....
There WILL BE A N12!
Mike:yellowvtec is heading up the meet in geoffs absence.
It will happen just relax.
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