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Niagara! N11 - 6/25/05

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This year's Niagara meet is sure to be the biggest yet. The date has been announced (Saturday, June 25, 2005). Watch for more details at the official site:

Also, for a ton of pictures of last year's meet, go here: crxfisher's N10 pics
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I signed up for 2 people. me and the G/f I am excited but have never been to one of these before... . . .what all goes on there? what all do you do? how long does it all last... . . Please Niagara folke fill me in :)
I just wish it wasn't a 44+ hr drive for me. If there was any way I could swing it, I'd be there!
Too bad the Rex is only a 2-seater, alot of my friends are too lazy to drive up there with me and they wanna hitch a ride. Looks like I'll have to work some magic if I want them to tag along. I'm looking forward to it, I'm just about 100% sure I'll be up there.

I'm hoping I'll be able to slap on some slipstreams, some decent rubber, springs, and struts by the time N11 comes. Just be on the lookout for the crappiest looking car there, its me 8)

As stated in the classifieds, I am giving away a nice shell ( well, not nice... but a shell none the less...

Here's what you do..

1. Pick this gem up from me

2. cut it in half and install seats in the rear area.

3. weld a trailer tongue onto it.

4. Bolt a small hitch on your CRX.

5. Hook it up and haul all of your buddies to N-11 And be a hero !!! :)

BTW. How far are you from Punxsutawney ( 15767 ) mabye we could meet somewhere for the cruise up... Ill be there just not sure if i am bringing the red one or the white one..
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im 16, are there any restrictions coming across the border?
You'll need basically a notarized permission slip from your parents if you're not traveling with them. I think I gave th elink over on CP's board.
cp? whats that? or do you mean the resource
Over on Cloud's board.... didn't you ask it over there? Or was it on the resource... so damn many boards nowadays
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