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nice alternative to relocating the battery

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im so doing this with a small battery. no the one in the picture though. probably this one:

but ill need the space for my massive secret intake ill be running :) and seems like a great alternative to relocating the battery to the rear since i wont have to deal with the hassle of running the wires, getting a sealed and vented box and putting in a switch to be legal on the track.
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do you know that odyssey battery you linked to is among a very few batteries that are self-sealed? You can just put it in the rear storage bin on it side, no worries with boxes or venting.

I do like that idea though, if someone could sell the bracket they might make some money.
Awwww....look at the cute little battery. :lol: Seriously, that is pretty cool. I wonder what the life expectancy is like on those smaller batteries though. Do they still have the same kind of cranking power (even in cold weather)?
For some odd reason the pictures arnt loading. Is this the battery thats located just below the actual tray? If not can someone describe the pictures to me? lol :oops:
Yeah what kind of power output do they have? cranking amps. And all the pics didnt load.
hmm they work for me, weird.

anyway the link to the odyssey battery has specs. 680 cranking amps for 5 seconds, 220 CCA. 12 year design life, 6-10 year service life.

and although this battery is sealed, you still need a sealed box, and a kill switch if the battery is relocated to the back. car wont be legal on any racetrack if its not, NHRA rules.

maybe this pic will work. different car but same location
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i would use it in a race car but not in a dd unless you just switched it out for the strip or autox. its output is rated for 5 seconds where other batteries are rated for 30 seconds.

might do ok in a warmer climate but i wouldnt use it if you have harsh winters.
I've been using the Hawker PC680 battery for a little over two years. I installed it in my rear storage compartment. I've had practically no problems with the setup. The only time my car wouldn't start is when I left my lights on. And then one time I didn't start my car for nearly a month during the winter and the battery was dead. But a quick jump and the battery was good to go. I noticed when it is completly dead it charges very quickly after being jumped. The battery barely weighs anything compared to the stock battery. Plus now I have room up front for pretty much anything I want.

*Plus the batteries are made in Missouri*
black, my car is basically only a track car now anyway. and if it takes more then 5 seconds of cranking to start your car then you have something wrong.

joshman, it recharges fast because theres no limit to the recharge rate. most batteries are limited on how fast you can recharge it, but the pc680 isnt.
well after looking at my options i have changed my plans a little bit. the battery will be mounted in the same location but i found a better way to install it :)

i changed my idea on what battery to use. instead of the pc680, im gonna use the NGR-CELL from heel-toe. about the same price but the battery is smaller and has better CCA (280 vs 220)


and i will be using a battery hold down from odyssey to mount the battery. crossreferencing dimensions, looks like it will fit nicely. the mount is for a pc545 battery. will be mounted in the same location with some self tapping screws :) should work out nicely


summit carries the hold down box, and it was only 30 bucks :) only problem is that they are out of stock and wont ship for like 2 weeks :(

and the reason i need the space is for one i want a straight shot to the motor for the intake (crx battery is in the way of that) and i need the battery out of the way for space for my 6" ID filter that will be on the end of my intake :)
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Now, what would be really nice is if you had a simple bracket that would bolt onto the stock bolt hole locations on the CRX (same for the 88-91 civics too).
stickershop said:
Now, what would be really nice is if you had a simple bracket that would bolt onto the stock bolt hole locations on the CRX (same for the 88-91 civics too).
you cant have everything :) a little work wont hurt ya, lol.
GSRCRXsi said:
you cant have everything :) a little work wont hurt ya, lol.
It's not the work that's the issue. I just really hate putting new holes in my car.
i recently welded up a battery tray for a member on RPR
he said he has had it in his car for about a year with no issues and the little sucker even had more cracking power then most other batterys

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SETI20 said:
Nice work. I've had the oddyssey for a couple of years as well. Including winters.
I'm on my second. First one lasted about 2-3 years. Warranty means BS.
Composimo feels there will be an issue with very high performance engines not having enough output. I noted a drop in voltage at very high rpms when I was trouble shooting an issue I had. I really can't tell if it mattered though. This has all been discussed here before. Mine cranked today and it was 28 degrees F here but I start it at least every few days, and if not, I have to charge it.
What I can tell you for sure, is that if you don't use them often, they loose their charge. I have mine mounted on the frame just like you mentioned. Made a bracket up myself. Passed tech. Its not that hard to hold down, it doesnt weigh much.
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