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I very love the red CRX ... I use to own one ... I just love more the white one :)

This one look clean!

1991 Honda CRX Si Rio Red

Vehicle History- The original owner bought this vehicle in California and sold it to an airline attendant who moved it to the Midwest in 2001. I bought the car from her last fall, cleaned it up and now am reselling it. CRXs are my hobby.

Interior - The interior is in excellent condition. No rips or tears in the seats. No cracks in the dash and the Climate Control (knob for heater/air conditioner temperature) is perfect. On most CRXs this will be cracked. AC works. I pulled the seats out to sweep and shampoo the carpet and also cleaned the seat upholstery. The headliner is in good shape and the cargo bin behind the seat and the cargo cover and divider are in good shape also (the pics show this pretty well). The drivers door has the split in the vinyl where the seat belt buckle always gets caught. The passenger door is better (see pics). The radio is a JVC am/fm cassette player. It works although the metal door which closes the opening for the tape is missing. Front speakers only - none in the rear behind the seats. The rear window and the small rear quarter windows have been tinted. The film has some bubbles - I was afraid to remove because of the defroster that is attached to the glass and I think you have to apply heat to remove the film. The car has an alarm system but I don't have the remote control. The previous owner said it was too sensitive so she did not use it. The hatch has new lift struts.

Exterior - The body is in good shape. The fenders were repaired by the previous owner - there is just one rust spot behind the right rear wheel (see close up pic i the rust area is white from the polishing compound). The sunroof panel has just been replaced with a freshly painted one- (these are rusted on most CRXs unless they have been fixed). Above the doors the paint is thin and you can begin to see the grey primer beneath. This is also happening next to the fuel door (see close up pic). The doors have some small dings and there is a door ding on the front left fender. The biggest defect is the dent on the front left side of the hood. Overall, however, the car rubbed out very well. It has been rubbed out and polished. The tires and wheels were new in November 2003 and still have about 33% tread life. The previous owner didn't put many miles on the car after she moved to the Midwest. The wheels are Five Spoke Borbet (German) wheels - a great quality wheel. The tires are Dunlop Sport P185/ 60HR14. Wheels and tires came from Tirerack.

Mechanical - The engine was maintained well by both of the previous owners. It runs with no hesitation or knocking. Rear brakes replaced Sep 2002. Front brakes done Jul 2003. New water pump and timing belt Sep 2006. Previous owner said that front hubs and tie rods were replaced but I do not have the receipts for this repair like I do for the others. The exhaust pipe just developed a small hole where the hanger bracket attaches so this will need to be replaced (new muffler costs about $150). Engine compartment is very clean.
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