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I took a few photos of my CRX today and I figured I'd share....

JDM B18C ('96 ITR)
Skunk2 Ultra Street intake manifold
Skunk2 Ultra Pro 68mm throttle body
Skunk2 fuel rail
Toda adjustable cam gears
PLM header (Toda replica)
Blackworks 2.5" test pipe
Fujitsubo Legalis R cat-back exhaust
Generic 3" intake tube, black-wrinkle powdercoated by Charlie Moua w/
BPI velocity stack w/ K&N cone filter w/Vibrant couplers
Moroso steel oil pan w/ baffles
Mishimoto oil sandwich plate adapter
Rywire tucked radiator w/ Deraille fans
Custom -16an radiator hoses from BMRS
K-Tuned -16an thermostat housing
K-Tuned -16an upper coolant housing with filler neck
Earls inline fuel filter
Earls AN fittings/hoses
Radium fuel pressure regulator
OEM transmission ('96 ITR with OEM LSD)
Exedy lightened flywheel
Exedy Stage 1 clutch
Hybrid Racing short shifter assembly
Hybrid Racing solid shifter bushings
Hybrid Racing 130R delrin shift knob
Skunk2 billet VTEC solenoid
HASport black engine mounts
HASport hydro conversion bracket (custom anodized black)
Spoon Sports radiator cap
OEM "vtec" valve cover, powdercoated matte blue by Charlie Moua
Custom pcv breather box with -10an hoses
JB Tuned pcv port block-off / AN fittings
Hondata Coil-On-Plug retrofit (with oem Honda coils)
Locash Racing billet distributor cap
Misc. hardware from Downstar
310 / Hush Performance billet hood hinges
Sol Kreations aluminum windshield cowl w/Downstar hardware
Chasing J's titanium oil cap
Chasing J's titanium dip stick
Chasing J's titanium valve cover hardware
Chasing J's titanium coil on plug adapter plate/bolts
Chasing J's titanium vtec solenoid cover/bolts
Chasing J's titanium exhaust manifold studs
Chasing J's titanium cam cap bolts
Chasing J's titanium distributor bolts

Koni yellow shocks
Ground Control "sleeve-overs" w/
Eibach springs (600f/550r)
Ground Control extended top hats (front & rear)
Innovative Pro-Series Competition traction bar
Skunk2 front lower control arms with spherical bearings
Special Projects Motorsports/Hardrace "Kiwi Edition" front upper control arms w/bronze bushings
Hardrace rear camber arms
Hardrace toe arms
Hardrace rear trailing arm bushings
Function 7 rear lower control arms
Neuspeed rear lower tie bar
Energy suspension poly sway bar bushings (front/rear)
Stock sway bars (front/rear)

SSR Type C wheels, 16x7 +35
Hancook Ventus RS3 tires, 205/45/16
Wilwood Dynapro calipers (front) w/11" rotors with
Wilwood BP-20 brake pads
Fastbrakes rear brake kit with DC Integra calipers & 11" rotors
Fastbrakes stainless steel brake lines (front/rear)
Prelude brake master cylinder
Motul RB600 brake fluid
ARP extended studs (front/rear)
Muteki HR38 lug nuts
10mm spacers (front)
15mm spacers (rear)

JDM/SiR (whatever you want to call it) front end
PasswordJDM J's Racing replica front lip (Fiberglass)
JDM tail lights
JDM sidemarker lights
USDM oem window visors
Shaved rear windshield squirter
Shaved rear wiper motor
Color-matched side mirrors
Special Projects Motorsports/PCI front splitter
Special Projects Motorsports/PCI side skirts (4")
PCI race wing
Gregparts antenna block-off

OMP WRC steering wheel
Sparco steering wheel hub
Works Bell 30mm steering wheel spacer
Mugen pedals (replica)
Cobra Suzuka bucket seat (driver) w/
Cobra side mounts w/ custom seat bracket
Schroth Profi II - FE ASM 4-point harness
Autopower "Race" rollbar
88-91 Civic arm rest
JDM rear seat w/
JDM rear cargo cover
UKDM gauge cluster
OEM floormats
Gregparts block-off plates (radio, climate-control, clock, switches)
Element fire extinguisher

Rywire milspec engine harness
Rywire PDM chassis harness
Hondata S300 v3
ElectricLife aftermarket power windows
Antigravity YTX 12-16 battery in custom battery mount

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really nice crx.

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so......i need to build a crx while this is out there. thanks buddy way to ruin everyone elses fun by having one NICE ass crx...

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Thanks for all the positive comments guys! :oops:

Demented_CRX said:
very clean car man.. love the SSR rims.. been awhile since ive seen those...
Robb said:
well done. The SSR's look great with that color car.
Thanks! Yeah, the SSR's work pretty well with this car/color. They're kind of an old wheel, but it's a classic design that I've always liked. And aren't trendy with a huge offset or anything, which is also a plus.

julious88 said:
Wow... Clean!!
was wondering when you'd post pics of it
Thanks! I know huh. My paranoia prevents me from posting too many photos of my CRX. I don't know what got into me today. lol!

grantscrx said:
wow. love the colour. Love the wheels,brakes,wing,front end,window visors...and ugh yea everything!
lol! Thanks!

88crxsi91 said:
that isnt oem green is it?
Yup, oem Tahitian Green.

TwoDoorDime said:
so......i need to build a crx while this is out there. thanks buddy way to ruin everyone elses fun by having one NICE ass crx...
Blah...there are lots of nice CRX's out there. No reason to stop building one of your own!

zrickety said:
i see now why you sold the white one.
still miss it tho.
keep it up :)b
You and me both man. That white CRX was with me for 6+ years. It was hard to let it go for sure. But this one belonged to a friend of mine and I've always wanted it! When he offered it to me I couldn't say no. lol

91rexdx said:
very nice rex!!
where the money shot?? ( engine bay) :mrgreen:
how did you know where to stick that si sticker? you just stuck it on?
No engine bay shot. It does have a BAR'd B18b in there, but it's nothing special as far as looks go. Once I get it all tucked and the new engine in there, then I'll get some engine bay photos. ;)

As for the Si badge...all the ones I've ever seen have been right in the middle like that. So yeah, I just stuck it on there. lol

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Baker said:
....It could have the stock a6 in there, still a great looking car!
It will have an A6 in there when I'm done....but it will be far from stock. 8)

Redemption said:

Love that color. You should patch up the hole in the EDM wing. Fiberglass works wonders. No rear wiper on my hatch either.
Great looking CRX! Engine bay pics?
I was thinking that too before I put the wing on. I'll probably do it someday. For now, I'm just going to put a small piece of black vinyl under the hole so it doesn't stand out so much.

As for engine bay pics.....see my comment above. :)b
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