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Noise from the rear of the car

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I own a stock 88 Si-125+k. Every now and then I get this weird farting :shock: noise from the rear of the car. Yes I know farting noise is a general term but it is the best to describe the noise. Oh and like all good cars it never makes this noise when my fiancee is in the car with me. :cry:

It seems to make this noise when I go over dips in the road. They don't even have to be big dips just something that gives loft to the chassie(sp) It also doesn't happen all the time. I can go days/weeks and this noise doens't come around.

What am I missing? I have taken the rear tires off twice now looking for something that may be rubbing or catching and nothing is loose.

Woe is me what is a girl suppose to do? Any help is appreciated

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could be alot of things, sounds suspension related as you said that it only happens over bumos and such...... i would suspect bad/ dry control arm bushings, worn/ bent shock something liek that...

have your fiance bounce the car on the suspension while you look under and try to get it to make the noise..... try to zero in on where it is coming from

good luck, , , ,let us know what you find out

So your CRX farts when your fiance is NOT in the car? That's a new one. After you two are married, I'm sure it will make all sorts of strange noises when he is in the car.
My car has polyurethane bushings, so it makes all sorts of interesting sounds when I go over speed bumps and such.

I would check the rear trailing arm bushing for dry-rot and cracking as well. If any of the rear suspension bushings are deteriorating, your suspension is going to travel in directions that it is not intended to, which could cause weird noises from your springs and shocks.
crxfisher..It already does make a ton of noises when he is in the car.heee hee .She is a real squeek box of noises. Just this one refuses to reveal its self when he is around. Dang it!

Thanks gang!! Going to look at it this week. I will let you know what I find out. It wouldn't be so puzzling if it did this all the time, but as we all know a once in a while noise is harder to diagnosis and or pin down. I at least know that it is the rear of the car.

I will let you know what I find.

Thanks again
I'm guessing the trailing arm bushings are toast, and are allowing the suspension to relocate itself under load (bumps), which then allows the affected wheel and tire to rub on the inner fender area. I've had the same issue with my '91 DX, but only on *extreme* bumps - like almost going airborne kind of bumps! And my trailing arm bushings ARE worn, cracked, and torn. They'll be replaced soon...

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