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Noob Chronicals: Oil Change & Spark Plugs+ComposiMo's Li

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Luckily I came into some extra funds (20$!) and I was able to get the oil recommened by John (20w-50), could only find a FRAM filter, and a set of NGK plugs.

Anyways, I'm sure all this is mundane for all of you out there. Seeing though that I've never held tool to motor before, so I'm still pretty apprehensive.

Unfortunatly those that I had help me were so excited to get under the car that I couldn't do anything but watch, but I learned from it none-the-less. So now I'm ed-jamacated in the ways of the oil and spark plug changing.

The Results:

OH MY GOD! What a freaking difference. I'm still astounded. There was a set of Bosch platniums in there before my roommate put in the NKG plugs. They looked really weird, and didn't look all too effecient, so I was able to understand why my HF engine didn't like them so much.

Not only that, but it's actually idling better. Dropped almost 650 RPMS, so all the more closer to normal. The oil change helped immensly. I'll be changing the oil again in a couple weeks in an attempt to clean out the motor.

Now this also presented a couple new problems, or exaserbated(sp?) the old.

Driving home, I was approaching a stop sign. I pushed in the clutch, took it out of gear, and the car dies for apperantly no reason. This happened at every stop light on the way home. If I left it in gear, it was fine.

For alittle while atleast. While keeping the gas steady, it seemed to hesitate, as if it gas stopped momentarily. It caused some wheel hop. That scared me even more considering that it has 2 broken motor mounts, and one that's very worn. Fun right?

Not only this, but the only thing that works like it's supposed to in my cluster is my tachometer. Gas Tanks full up, but gauge only shows 3/4 tank. My oil temp never really shows the temperature, but It does move.

  • I know I'm not supposed to be able to start my car without my clutch depressed. I can, will that hurt anything?[/*]
  • Would anyone happen to have a spare speedo cable?[/*]
  • My cluster has the acronym "APC" on it, and the cluster itself is white, does this make any difference?[/*]
  • What set of spark plug wires would be the best for the set of NGK plugs?[/*]

Thanks for reading my long posts. I try not to bore you with such trivial things, but this is an immense learning experience for me. :)

I also wanted to thank John's tech Jason for taking such a complete look at my car.

This is an awesome community, and I'm glad to be a part of it!

(I feel like I'm on stage and thanking everybody!)
ComposiMo's List:
  • Front Mount[/*]
  • Timing Belt[/*]
  • Water Pump[/*]
  • Cam seal/ Crant seal[/*]
  • Air intake filter (yes I'm missing a filter O.O)[/*]
  • Thermostats + Gaskets[/*]
  • Speedo Cable (it disentigrated)[/*]
  • Rear Tranny mount bolts into tranny stripped[/*]
  • Wiring[/*]
  • Check Brakes[/*]
  • Front main seals[/*]
  • Upper and lower rad hoses[/*]
  • Radiator and engine coolant flush.[/*]
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Oh man... I remember those days... the days of being clueless! lol.

I helped my Dad all the time on his cars, but they were late 70's semi-muscle cars, the only thing electrical was the distributor... then I bought my CRX and opened the hood. :shock: was all I could think of. It took me 2 rexes to finally be able to ID the random boxes under the hood. So, bear with it, you seem willing to learn a lot, and you're going to love every minute of it.

Have fun!
I am guessing your the dude that came in fri night around 6ish.

hmm and didnt even say anything about my help...grr. you know I did dumb things down for ya. :wink:

no doubt the car is running better. but you still have alot of work to do. Next thing I would suggest is cheap..inspect the the cap and rotor on the distributer. its like 3 screws holding it on so this will only take like 2 minutes. yor plugs might not be getting good spark. but just a guess. also a new fuel filter wouldn't be a bad idea and its ot on the...but it should be. and I already know you need a air filter. :shock:

anyway...good luck. we will help you out as much as we can.
Jonny: Yea, he's the guy that came in towards he end of the day. You didn't get mention, because you left early to go home and play video games or something :lol: j/k!

Johnathan: Your idle dieing issue is likely this:

Those plug wires were/are cheap non-oem replacements. I consider them one-time-use items... i.e. when you go to pull them out, they can break or separate inside rather easily. Next mod would have to be a good set of OEM wires... and no, not autozone wires... go to Honda (or i can order em for you... either way ;) )

- Your car is an 88... it doesn't have that nifty clutch switch.... thats normal.

- I highly suggest that you just get a news one. They aren't expensive, and i'll get you a hook-up price (i.e. my cost) on it just so you have a speedo working and don't get pulled over causing you to spend more money.

- The APC thing is just gauge faces... pieces of paper placed over the top of your oem gauges, and won't harm a thing. however, this is likely the cause of some broken gauges in your cluster, because people aren't too careful sometimes when installing them.

- OEM Honda... Dealership item... i can order it for you along with the speedo cable 8)
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I thank you for dumbing things down for me too, Johnny. Never knew your name, so I couldn't thank ya!


PM me with the price for the set of those plugs so I can plan for them. Definatly the next fix. Speedo cable too! I was going some 4k RPMs last night on the way home in 5th gear at like 3.30am. Any clue how fast that is so I can atleast attempt to gauge my speed semi-accurately?

I drove my car down to downtown disney last night. She didn't give me any problems. Keeps giving me a CEL, but I'm assuming it's the O² sensor. I'm not leaking any coolant either. That is a good thing right?

Is there any way that I can take those crappy APC things off? I like the looks of the original cluster much much better.
Best thing to do for the cluster is just to find a replacement one. I had indiglo gauges in my first 240SX and when I took them out the Tach stopped working. Chances are the gauges might be damaged already.
I've browsed online shortly, and I couldn't find an actual cluster. Alot of tachometers, and oil pressure, boost and stuff. No actual OEM clusters.

Anyone know of where I can hunt one down?
Try ebay, your local junk yard, or a honda dealership. Those are the only places where you will find oem clusters.
John, i think ive got one.... 'll check 2morrow.

Also, i'll getr u that info 2morrow as well :)
I have an 89 cluster, I think some where around here. I'll take a look, if I have it its free.
Sweet, thanks. Are they interchangable with the '88 dx?
yeah 88 and 89 clusters are te same cthey changed them .... . . for... 90 and 91
MarkWilliamson said:
Incidentally, it's "chronicle" not "chronical."
O.O ...well I never claimed to win the spelling bee!...

Charles said:
What's the purpose of this? I'm scared to do anything that will clean out the system until I can get my seals changed so I don't develop any sudden astronimical leaks.

I assume this is to clean out the system?
Yeah seafoam gets rid of buildup. You'll want to replace all the seals and stuff first, because if you don't it'll create new leaks when it breaks down the gunk that has actually made a seal.
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