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90crxhf_w/ZC said:
downest said:
Yes. The cluster is different, you need to match the hood thing to the cluster, and rewire.
what will you have to rewire? i didnt rewire anything in mine, and it works perfect.
If you put an 88-89 cluster on a 90-91 harness (or the other way around) you HAVE to repin the plugs for the cluster to work. The switches for the dimmer, hazards, and rear defogger are different as well. I'm pretty sure you didn't just plug yours in and have no problems, I've done this before. The gauges are all messed up, and the idiot lights are switched, like the parking brake switch makes the trunk open light go on (91 Si cluster in an 89 Si).

I have a guide for re-pinning the plugs somewhere, I'll look for it. Marty and I did his in 5 or 10 minutes, the plugs are super easy to depin.
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