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what up peeps. i jump from forum to froum but i live at i have this problem i'm a "forum whore joiner" lol. no not for the for sales but for your information, ideas and seeing refreshing builds. but most of all to help those who need help. i remember when i started my first build no one help me no one to ask question and whatnot. so i joined as many forums i could just so i can learn. so every now and then someone goes i'm a member from so and so forum i type in my name and password lode and behold i'm a member and then again i join. lol. so here's my build i'm in the process in since i've lost my licence till aug/07 thanks to ny state paperwork error. cheers.

1990 crx

d16a6 block- hot tank, hone
P29 forge pistions - 12:1 compression
d15b7 head - pnp, springs, titian retainers, a6 stage 3 cam
bisi cam gear(get mail out in the first week of march, i'll post pics when it comes back)
aem cai (only on till i brake in my motor)
d16a6 intake manni port match to tb (only in till i break in my motor)
b18c 60mm tb(only on till i brake in my motor)
bisi header(when they're in stock again)
RS*R Ex-Mag exhaust(in the process of ording)
90 Integra rear disc convertion
Integra 15/16 mc and booster
90 VW Carrabo G60 front rotors
Fastbreak caliper brackets (in the process of ording)
90 Integra f/r calipers
ECB Red Stuff brake pads(in the process of ording)
Stainless steels lines.
90 Integra 23mm front swaybar
ITR 22mm rear swaybar(in the process of ording)
A-Spec frame brace(in the process of ording)
Koni yellow or Tokico illumina(still undecied)
megan racing coilover (cause the spring rates are 325/F 7 300/R, but i'm looking at get Tanabe SUSTEC PRO S-0C - 6.0kg/F and 4.0kg/R)

CBR600rr itbs (once my engine is broken in)
cnc in flange w/ piping from kelly racing in brimingto, al.(co-worker's dad shop)
Crome Pro for a stand alone fuel mangement.

there are more parts i just can't remember of the top of my head. lol. but i will post up w/ pics my favorit part of my build i've bought so far to date and it a rare one too. a CRX Bar F1 steeing wheel.

KBA 70111


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lol, why thank you for welcoming me. i do want to add i have an unhinge sic sense of humor. so take no offense and i take none. lol.
i do say this from what i've scouted here i really do like this forum. it's well put together. trust me i am a members of over 25+ forums that i still jump on and post, not including the ones that no long are up or that are dead. and this forum has jump up into the my top 5 i like being on and reading. but most of all being a forum whore joiner i've made many good friend around the states and the world and many good friends.
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