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Not New to CRXs, just to this site....Hello!

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Hi Guys,

A lot of the first gen guys already know me and many of the 2nd gen guys from back in the glory days of the Niagara meets.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello. It's always good to find another group of folks interested in the same stuff!!

Here's a few pics of my ride!



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Welcome aboard!

I remember the car... *mopping up wet spot* ... oh boy do I remember it...
I Love Ur Car... Its So Nice! Welcome to!!!
I definitely saw your car at N9, possibly the cleanest 1G that was there. Very nice. :p
i remember your car from my first n meet... n9

clean car..


Everytime i see a beautiful 1st gen they always seem to keep growing on me...

very nice! i love it. Welcome to the community.
welcome and nice 1g loving the fender flairs gives it a little bit of a skyline look :)
I was at N9 too, and I knew what car was going to be in this thread as soon as I saw your username on the main forum page. This car looks great in photos, but it's even better in person. This is one of those cars that removes ANY and ALL doubt about whether 1G cars are as cool as 2Gs. This is right up there with the coolest CRXs out there, as far as I'm concerned.
your car is so nice......I hate you :D

I'd love to see it in real life looks awsome.
beautiful car! welcome to the site!
Glad you made it here!
I'm soo glad you still have that beautiful blue beast! I LOVE THAT CAR!
I don't know if you remember me I talked to you at N9.I have/had the boosted 90 y-49..
Hope you stay and have fun along with the rest of us.
Oh and BTW are you planning on coming to the new improved N13 meet? :D
'Bout time you got yer butt on here Rob!

Welcome to another good guy w/ a very nice 1G crx.

sweet bright blue rex.

welcome to the site!
Wow, thanks for the compliments guys and gals! Sure makes a guy feel welcome!!

Sorry Ollie, I don't remember you. Probably would if I saw you again but there were so many cars at the last 2 Niagara meets it's hard to remember all the new people you meet there!

I'm hoping to make it to this years Niagara meet if all goes well. The old girl hasn't done a lot of criusing in the last few summers and I need to make up for lost time!

Thanks again

Rob :D
Welcome Rob, good to have you here. Hopefully you make it out to some AutoX events this year.
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