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not REXLESS but one LESS REX

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I'd been anticipating making some room on my lot. 7 cars total (all running) filling up the entire drive and attached garage. Maneuvering from the front yard to the back was a bit ridiculous.

To the point - a guy who knew a buddy of mine came by the other week while we were throwing a few back and asked to buy my in good condition 91hf. I said sure for 1700 non-negotiable. It's got a z6, hybrid zc tranny w/hf 5th and si final drive, stage 2 clutch masters, intake, header, exhaust, and adjustable coil-overs. I bought the car bone stock for that same price 1 1/2 yrs ago and threw all these misc items I had laying around in but never had any real desire (blame bowhunting) to get it running right. (choked high rpm)

Well, the guy said he'd be back in a week or two with the money but I didn't think he was serious. Already long story short, he called today after I got back from SP MN and now the hf is gone. Feels a bit disheartening to see a spot in my driveway now empty. Ah well, at least someone else can show her the love and attention my Hoyt compound bow stripped her of.
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aq single tear rolled of my face... then it evaporated lol

now you have a space for an sir :twisted:
Got any other one's for sale? I happen to be, unlike you, REXLESS at the moment :p
Had 3 in spring '05. Then there were 2 in summer. Now there's but a single lonely 90 si. But, it's a NC car so the body is still in pristine condition. Zero rust zero bondo zero body damage. yummmy.
Got any other one's for sale? I happen to be, unlike you, REXLESS at the moment
I think the black one is sold.... but i have that white one with a 1.5 in it.. its a 91... has some problems... . .but we could work something out.... . I was driving it untill the other night.. . . .

bought a tracker for the winter. . .

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