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hey i found the site via a link on if your not on there check it out its a pretty cool site... i have a red on black 91 hf she is my second honda and first crx. i got her is pretty bad shape off a buddy for $700. ill will be cleaning her up as a daily driver. my week end car is a procharged 97 slowbra. lol... bought her stock but with some 17's and a haggard body kit. the kit is off and for sale. rims can go too. im looking for some clean 15's probably some rota j-mags. already ordered the si lip spoilers for the front and rear, intake man, header, pullys, full bushing kit, black projector headlights, b&m short throw w/ new bushings, poly motor mounts, blackouts for the front, b-16 tb bored and tapered to match the im, new carpet, jdm double din conversion bezel and a few other things that have slipped my mind. i will be posting pics of her soon. i will have a for sale thread up as soon as i get home from iraq and start cleaning her up. she does need some seats in a real bad way so i am always on the look out for some ill probably grab a set of black brides to throw in. mayby drop in a d15b or a z6 or y8 down the road who knows... well that's mmy car and plans for her. ohh yeah im a marine stationed in n.c. from miami deployed to iraq (6th tour lol) i love anything i can tear apart and make better. and beer yeah i LOVE beer!!! mmm beer i miss beer... lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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