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Nothing can go right.

Following logic and of course, honda tech, the only immediate source of info (usually wrong), I got the following, my O2 sensor is a bosch universal 4 wire with 1 black, 1 grey and 2 whites. The paper in it says black is the signal, whites are the heater and grey is ground.

Sensor harness
Black Old oxygen sensor wire
White1 A6 (OBD1 harness)
White2 Ground on T-stat housing
Grey Ground on T-stat housing

still throwing a code 41, what the hell.

Just about reaching the end of my rope on this project. Also I can't seem to replicate problems, I went to the car today and it started right up, after dying and refusing to start yesterday. Also I got a timing cover, going to throw it on tongiht and get the timing sorted out.
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