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Well, I am excited... actually I have butterflies in my stomach... The dirt track crx is all loaded up and we are off to the track... I am meeting up with 2 friends of mine who have integra's So we will be representing the Honda circle of the track.... . .Cant wait.... wish me luck and no harm... Ill post my results once i get back in tonight.. ..


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Good luck, and more importantly, HAVE FUN!!
Brake a leg, man! ;)
good luck. too bad i can't be there to see it but one of these races i will be! i know i've asked before but i don't know if you answered. what track do you race at around here?
Racing at marion center speedway this year.. .

well the Crx eems to run really well.. I got 3rd place in my heat race... but something happened and i overheated in the first few laps of the feature So i pulled off and parked it.. have to go home now and unload the car and look it over... my buddy won the heat and won the feature in his integra though... and sadly enough our other honda friend blew a head gasket in his integra... so well try agian next week .. .

Well, i checked it out and my top radiator tank cracked.... anyone got a good spare rad. laying around ?? Glad it was that insted of a head gasket or something.. .
ill be back for next week...

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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