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Hi all,

Heres the deal, Ive been working my ass off trying to transfer everything from my turbo 91 dx hatch (which was a rust bucket and wiring nightmare) to my mint crx. Thats all going smooth and the hatch shell is sold.

In the interim I was driving my moderatley modded and beloved DB8 Integra GSR. Well, at the beginning of last summer some chick decided to run a stop sign and clobber me. Since then the problems have gotten worse and worse. Initally i thought i suffered a broken wheel, and some cosmetic, dor functionality damage. But the real damage so far is broken tie rod, screwed up steering rack, twisted pillar where the door mounts, door toast, door slightly bent the pillar between the front and rear doors, broken wheel. I replaced the wheel and made the door work, repalced the tie rod and adjusted everything to the point it was driveable.

Then my heater core cracked! So right now the car is pretty gutted, and it pisses me off daily. so Ive been dieing to fix it, which is gonna cost me decent money to do correctly, or ge tsomehting else

Luckily the last little while Ive been driving a K04 powered Audi A4 and loving it (gotta love havin gheat in the winter! unlike the teg), while mulling over what to do.

So I bought a 91 Civic Hatch si. 200k miles, body and interior a 7/10. mechanically about an 8/10. I put the motor in it for the guy who had it once 2 years ago, then replaced it again 6 months ago back to teh stock one when he blew his vtec swap.

So if you havenet put 2 and 2 together, I want to swap everything possible from my mechanically excellent GSR to this hatchy.

I already have a chipped P28 in the gsr, and i have a obdo-obd1 conversion harness lying around. I can mod the linkage to work. I will buy the hasport hydro mount kit. The integra has a crx fluidyne radiator in it which should work perfect in the hatch. Can I use the integra axles as well?

Can I swap over the brakes from the GSR? how hard is that? Id like to swap over the whole suspension(omnipower) and braking setup (brembo and hawk) if possible. I want to use the trust header and random tech cat off my gsr, then Ill fab up the rest of the exhaust myself.

Will anything from my interior work? My teg dash? My gauge cluster?

The GSR put down 198whp, from a 155whp baseline, so it should screw pretty good in the hatch. I think the only performance mod that I have on my teg that wont work on the hatch is my catback exhaust.

Anyone have any opinion, questions, suggestions, ideas? Im pretty excited and sad at the same time. I dreamed for years of finding a clean 4 door gsr, was lucky enough to get a one owner, relative owned, obd1 one. then was unluck enough to get it messed up by some stupid chick. At least I know I have a great motor.

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