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So, christmas was coming up. Time to pack up and see the relatives.
Unfortunately, my kitty-sitter cancelled last minute. So I had to take them with me.
I've had a cat for years. Recently I have 2. But only one carrier. So I had to come up with a cunning plan.

I took one of the boxes I usually ship parts in. Thick, double layer corrugated board. It took a serious blade to cut some holes in it so kitty can see out. So I thought that would be fine. Folded up the top...and off I went, with the youngest kitty in the box, with his favorite blanky.

About 20 minutes in the trip...kitty crawled onto my lap.
You can imagine my WTF!? expression. Flamegurl decided to drive up with me a bit while she went to her family. And we pulled into a gas station. While she got some tape there, I swapped the cats around. The older cat likes to drive. He's never given me problems, and usually spends the trip (cat)napping anyway.
And indeed. Not so much as a squeek.

Christmas passed, and kitties seemed to enjoy the strange house and all the new and unfamiliar toys (furniture) to climb onto. After a couple of days it was time to go home. Packed kitties up the way they came...and off I went again.

The youngest one started to become a little restless after half an hour or so, and I couldn't figure out why.
Another 30 minutes later, I happened to glance in the rearview, when I noticed something weird.

.....a TAIL!

I turned around a bit, and I saw the oldest cat sitting on the cargo cover looking outside, like it was perfectly normal for him to do. He saw me looking over, lifted his tail and purred at me contently.

....WTF (again)

I pull into the next gas station to see how he managed to get out. He's a fairly big cat.

It seems he "connected the dots", and clawed away some of the cardboard between the air holes. He then simply forced the side of the box out, tearing out the side. So taping it up wouldn't do much good anyway.
That cat is way too smart for MY own good.

I picked up the cat, sat him on my lap, and drove off. The next hour and a half he was perfectly content sleeping in my lap as I drove. But managed to get away from me when I needed to shift, spending the rest of the trip peeking out the window on the cargo cover again.

Kitty seemed to enjoy himself. Not the "road *****" I was hoping for...but interesting none the less.
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