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On its last Leg!!

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well guys my motor is deff on its last leg, it gurgling while its runninmg (still runs). when you hit the gas it cuts out as itsa revving, when it ideals it thumps every half second, i tried turning up the idle it works until u hit the gas. so here is one last pic of the hf motor before she comes out

any ideas what might be wrong? I figured maybe the head gasket
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You have to test more to figure out what's wrong. Check the oil/coolant for coolant/oil if you think it's a headgasket. Also look for the white smoke out the exhaust.
i haven't even botherd with her yet, she has been killing moquitoes for a while tho i am going to go look at the coolant for brown sludgy junk tomorow or tuesday on my day off
Considering it's an HF I think the best remedy is a DOHC ZC. Oops I mean b16... errr....
i have 2 options rightnow i can get a d16a6 that needs valves and gaskets or a b18b from a guy here for 500 or 600 hondos
Same price for both? I love my A6, but if I had a choice for the same price, I would take the B18. Of course, you'll need mounts and OBD-1 and all that stuff, but you'll have a much faster car in the end. If you want to rebuild that A6 let me know, I did mine and I absolutely love it. I was thinking about motor swapping before, but unless I find a really REALLY good deal on a DOHC ZC, I'm keeping the A6. I tell my friends it's because I want to stay CSP, but really it's just a fun little motor that doesn't cause me any trouble.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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