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I currently own a 98 s10 and I really want to get rid of it and get a car with a manual tranny. Anyways, I was looking for a crx since I loved the one I sold this summer, however, I've been seriously looking into the 91-95 toyota mr2's and I really like them. They're RWD and have many options including the ttops. Just wondering what everyone thinks of these cars and has any opinions they'd like to share. thanks
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I like the CRX. But then, I'm a bit biased. I own a CRX and I'm on a CRX forum.
the mr2 is a sweat car . i m in love with my crx but i would not mind owning a mr2
The MR2 is a total dream to work on too :?
You should just buy a Del Sol. :lol:

Seriously though, you've already had a CRX, you'll know what the ups and downs of them are. Drive an MR2 and see how you like it.
MarkWilliamson said: wonder how we're going to answer? :p
That's what i was thinking.
I don't see the logic of going on a car specific forum and asking if i should buy something other than that specific car.
I would think the opinions would be slightly biased. :lol:

I would not buy an MR2, it i wanted RWD, i would look for a Nissan 240.
one of my very good friends owned one of these until his brother totalled it ... :(
very beautiful car... but not for the average driver. The mid engine/rwd don't work well together unless the driver knows how to drive that combination.

If you do get one, take it easy with it for a while, and LEARN the car... my buddys brother totalled the car for that exact reason... dumb kid thought he knew how to drive...

Also, downest is right, they are a PITA to work on... my friend had constant problems (older car, what do you expect), and had a hell of a time fixing it... parts are expensive too.
I really like MR2s. Obviously similar to the CRX in some ways, but pretty different in others. My buddy has a MkI Supercharged car, fast as hell but I personally would go MkII. I was pretty seriously considering getting a MkII turbocharged MR2 for awhile before I decided to shoot for a Porsche 944 Turbo instead. The MkII turbo MR2s are a little overpriced with low miles, but you can't beat the mid-engine/turbo/RWD setup...they are like a baby Ferrari.

And the problem with driving them is snap oversteer. If you're really driving the car at the limit, you can get a sudden oversteer condition and spin the car. Same thing happened to early Porsche 911s, it's a product of having the engine so far back in a RWD'll see it in Indy cars too, with oversteer coming on suddenly and harshly and the driver getting into the wall. It's not something that happens on a Sunday drive, it happens at the limits...but it has bitten a lot of people pretty hard.
I've always liked the MR2. It was the only car that came close to feeling as "quick and nimble" as the CRX. Next is the Miata. At one time I came closer to buying one than the mk4 Supra turbo. It just felt livelier than the tank that is the Supra. I imagine though that you'd develop spine alignment problems working on the MR2. Still, I'd get one if I had the money.

Oh, don't forget to factor in killer insurance rates.
I don't see the logic of going on a car specific forum and asking if i should buy something other than that specific car.
I would think the opinions would be slightly biased
Very true, but being a crx enthusiast, I figured I would see what my fellow crx lovers thought. Cargo space isn't really a concern and insurance shouldn't be too bad since I'm looking at a non-turbo model. My real concern is going to be working on it: pita, expensive. My main attraction to the car is its great looks and the fact that its a true sportscar. Still love the crx and will have another in the near future. Thanks for all the input everyone.
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