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Ordering from Majestic honda, got confused....

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Alright so Im getting my list together of what all I have to order from them. I have to order new clips for both the drivers and passengerside.

For example: Under the "bumper" section for a 1988 CRX HF (KA5MT)
They have part number 22 howing on the drivers side...but not passenger.
If I order a Qty of 1, do I get both sides or did I just have a brain fart?
I need the platic part of this:

And do they just not have the foam that goes underneath the bumper cover?
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Hmm, Have you tried contacting them since that does seem sort of confusing. The are side specific, so if you order 2, you don''t want to end up with two driver side pieces.

Angry said:
And do they just not have the foam that goes underneath the bumper cover?
Bahh, you don't need that. :lol:
Since i put my Hf support on, I never put that back on.
Yeah give them a call. I once couldn't find a tab/clip I needed on their website. I gave them a call, desribed it, and they found it and ordered it right up.
I think I just had a brain fart, but I need the "Slides" which are different but the clips that the slides go onto are the same. (duh :oops: )

But Majestic honda is very nice even though I sounded like a dumbass LOL... Answered very promptly being 9:30 in the morn...

..weres my caffine...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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