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OT: 93 civic blowing back up light fuse

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I know we got people here that work on a lot more than just our crx's besides me so I figured this was worth a shot.
My girlfriends 93cx hatchback now blows the #15 fuse, back up light ?(at least that's the fuse I think it is since she lost the clear fuse label that was there, found a pic online of it so thats why I think it's that one) which also kills the speedo, water temp and fuel gauges & the blinkers[hazzards still work though]. It did it tues or wed night, changed the fuse and it lasted till tonight. now it blows them immediately. Nothings been worked on recently.
I found one back up bulb coming apart but that wasn't it.
Obviously there's a short, I just haven't found it.
Anyone have anything similar happen, or any directional ideas?
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after looking at the wiring diagram i would recomend to disconnect the gauge cluster and see if it still blows the fuse.

did the fuse blow?
yes- continue to step two.
no - try known good guage cluster

step 2
there is a yellow wire that goes from in dash fuse box #15 fuse location to the guage cluster in the wiring harness it splits into two wires, and goes to connector on gauge cluster C9 and then to connector A3 test that yellow wire for short to ground.

connector c is a 14 pin connector a/t only.
connector a is a 10 pin

is there continuity to ground?

yes - find were wire is bad and replace. sodier and heat shrink
no - then its most likely in the fuse box try known good fuse box.

you can download the 92-95 civic shop manual from

hope that helps you out.


edit - shop manual says #15 fuse in dash is for gauge and warning lights, clock.
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the honda shop manual isnt much better the only other thing i can find is a list of exactly what all that fuse controls... there are 3 wires coming out of the fuse box for the #15 fuse

first wire
intigrated control module

second wire
gauge and indicator lights
cruise control indicator light
shift lever position indicator (a/t only)
turn signal/hazard relay

third wire
back-up lights
shift lock solonoid a/t
interlock control unit
shift position consol switch
lock up solonoid

now if she has gauge controls and turnsignals back i would venture to say that the wire that you de pinned is for the back up light switch. pending the vehicle isnt and automatic... i dont think cx's came with autos...

next i would say disconnect yellow back up light wire from the switch on the tranny check continuity with the pin u pulled from the fuse box. to make sure thats were the wire is going... if it is then check for a short to ground in that wire. if it is shorted to ground repair wire. if not try a new switch. any d/b series switch will work i do believe.

let me know what you find...

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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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