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OT: She's driving me nuts.

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May I just say that this chick is annoying the hell outta me. I am trying to enjoy a coffee shop and she is constantly talking at full volume on her phone. And everytime she talks on the phone, she has to stare at me until I look at her. And on top of that, she has this know-it-all-and-will-tell-you-exactly-how-you-are-mistaken attitude. I don't even know why the people she is calling are answering their phones.

Sorry. Just had to get that off my chest.
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So you're at a coffee shop right now as you type this? And she's right there with you? And is that "Cookie Monster" on her shirt?
Yes. Yes. And yes.

She's almost cute. Very healthy, all natural look. But man is her voice grating. And she has some sort of japanese tattoo that means "warm power". :roll:

She was just telling the owner of the place that he needs to get some special type of tea she has only found in one shop in Austin, Texas that is a stimulant but has no caffeine. I remarked that in Austin (whose motto is "Keep Austin Weird") that could be any number of illegal subtances. She didn't laugh.
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Of course, perhaps it is worse to be some creepy guy taking pictres of unaware strange women.

Oh, no! It is going to get even worse! A barber shop quartet is about to start seeing at open mic night!

And an old man who apparently has an intestinal issue sat down next to me!

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