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so my rio red rex is getting kind of dull and i have to do body work anyways.. 5mph into the rear end of a saturn... so i have been thinking about paint lately and im either going to paint it back stock rio red when im done with everything or im going to go black.. but i had what i think to be a cool idea. paint the car a high gloss black and have the bottom door area between the bottom plastic and the moulding in the middle of the door painted in flat or satin black paint to somewhat match the look and feel of the bottom area of the front bumper and do the same to the back bumper painting from the black trim down in satin. then put two stripes going from the hood up over the roof and down the back in the flat black as well possibly with red pinstriping on the edges.. im not sure if i have explained it that well but if anyone gets it what do you think?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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